It seems sort of strange to be entering a blog post.  

Rather odd, in fact.

I mean, I retired the old blog warhorse herself, Message In a Bottle, about eleven months ago. The whole point was that I was done with it all.  I figured I rode that mare way past the finish line and it was time to move on to greener pastures.  It was a tough, and yet very easy, decision to make. I thought I was done with communicating about recovery and wanted to move on with my life.

Well, funny how life likes to play ball.  Especially curveballs. 

The spirit moved me to create this podcast.  And as I was deciding on how to put this whole site together, the idea of a blog attached to it seemed a bit far-fetched.  Why would I revisit that once again?  What was the point? But the spirit is never wrong, so here I am, typing away, wondering what it is I want to convey.  

This podcast, this blog...are just small things in a much larger picture.  I am grateful for them, and there is an excitement about creating once again - something that is seeming to be larger in my life than I have given credit for so far.  Creation...that's a big part of our lives.  I don't necessarily mean about arts and obvious things like that, although many folks excel in those departments.  But creation - the action or process of bringing something into existence - is much bigger than that.  Being creative can be more about the spirit than the product.  Playing with a child, doing a workout routine, putting together a budget...all these seemingly mundane things can be seen as creative things.  We create in so many ways.  I remember reading a book about creativity years ago and said that even a security guard can incorporate creativity in their days.  

So there. 

I have some goals in mind, all which require creating.  There is going to be lots of work involved.  There will be times of exhilaration and times of ardour and disappointment.  That is part of the process.  We sometimes have to crack things back down to its basic components to create something stronger, finer and more in tune with what we need at that moment in our lives. Cycles, baby. 

Like this podcast, this blog, and the things that I have planned ahead, everything seems to be culminating and moving towards something greater, and at some point, all of this will be broken back down to build something more evolved.  

But I don't want to think of that right now.  Let's all enjoy what we have right now. Be present in what we do.  Enjoy it for the value it brings us right now.  

And right now, again, I am enjoying it.