Video Chat with Nicola! 

I had the honour and privilege to have a wonderful Nicola from Please check it out below!  Let us know what you think about it, or if you have any topics you would like to see us talk about in the future!  Email at

Much is written about how addiction affects men and women differently, but little is discussed about how recovery affects each. Nicola from and Paul from converse about recovery and how it can differ in the two sexes. Physical, emotional, mental, societal, sexual and psychological aspects can affect how men and women approach recovery.



As I mentioned on the inaugural podcast , there are many voices out there in recovery.  If mine isn't the one that sets your grits ablaze, then by all means check out some others that may do that for you.  There is no monopoly on getting some groovy recovery ju-ju vibes.  Here are a few that you can try out for size:

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