Are you new to recovery?

Do you want to stop drinking?  Or have you just started to abstain?  New to recovery?  Don't know if you're ready to stop?  

If so, then welcome. I, and countless others, have been there. Know one thing - you are NEVER alone. And if you are on the internet and are finding sites like this, then perhaps there is something deep down that you may already know. Again, welcome.

                                         The illusion

                                         The illusion

                                        The reality

                                        The reality

There are millions of groovy dudes and lovely ladies who have been where you have been - lonely, despairing, guilt-ridden, full of remorse, shameful, isolated.  You need not feel like you're the only way who has felt the way you do. We all have come to recovery, on our knees, broken and busted up, not knowing which way is up and wondering how the hell we got to that place.

We are doctors, mechanics, school teachers, priests, administrators, baristas, small business owners, chefs, carpenters, and countless other walks of life.  All with one thing in common - the desire to stop drinking (or drugging) and looking for a way out of the endless cycle of pain and suffering that we not only inflict on ourselves, but others.   

I don't know you, but let me tell you something.  Something you probably weren't expecting this little site to tell you.

I love you.

You heard that, right?  Yes. You are loved. You don't know it yet, but millions of other alcoholics and addicts you have never seen or heard from love you too. Why? Because we know how it feels. We know the feelings of self-loathing and unworthiness you are feeling right now. The confusion, the not knowing, the uncertainty of it all. 

The Fears.

Please check out the Resources page here.  There are many ways we recovery.  There is no one perfect way, but there are many. The most important thing you do is to start somewhere. Reach out to someone. Anyone. Especially if they are in recovery themselves. Go to a 12-step meeting (all meetings can be found online - just Google it). Find a supportive community - a group in person or even online. Seek detox if needed. Seek medical attention if necessary. Reach outside yourself and see what is out there, because there is help if you need it.  

And feel free to email me too - your anonymity is assured. 

Be gentle to yourself.  And remember, you are loved.

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