What The Hell Is That Coming Into My Earbuds?

Buzzkill started in a dilapidated tool shed, during a dreary hail storm, with two tin cans...and a dream.  Well, not really.  That's just the romantic, dreamy slo-mo film version.  It actually started in my basement, yapping into a microphone surrounded by a sofa cushion fort (keep the echoes out, yeah?) and trying to figure out what the hell I wanted to say. 

Buzzkill is about life, through the eyes of recovery. I don't take myself too seriously, so I inject a bit of humour in there and try to look at things from different perspectives. I come from a 12-step program, but I don't couch all things through that lens. Recovery comes in many forms, and I am open to, and respect all, forms of sobriety. We all have our paths to trudge. I believe in the mind-body-spirit connection and look at life in a more holistic way. It all sounds dreamy and hippy-ish, but it's all about the simple things in life - love, forgiveness, hope, humility and all the other spiritual principles that help me throughout the day.

I love hearing from others and open up a question of the week for people to add their stories, insight and experience, which I share on the pod. I am also looking to chat with more people on the podcast as well, to show that recovery shows its light in many ways and forms. I have no idea where this pod will go, but it's best when I am surrounded with hep cats like you.

Buzzkill can be found in the Episodes section of the website.  It can also be found on Soundcloud, itunes and Stitcher.  Please take a chance to rate it in itunes (to help spread the word) and to also comment and/or like everywhere else! 

Thank you for listening. I always appreciate your support!