Clearly, with the interweb and all, there are countless opportunities to find information on alcoholism / addiction out there.  I know many newcomers find their way to recovery through searching the 'net and there is no shortage of places to gently land.  There are many forums, advocacy sites, program-based sites and blogs out there, among other types of formats and platforms.  These are just a sampling of what is out there. I cut my teeth on many forums, and of course, on the sober-phere with my blog and being a part of that wonderful community. 

Find your own community.  Let me know if there is something that speaks to you and you want to share with others (note - I restrict this list to abstinence-based resources, and not moderation / harm-reduction resources.)  



General Websites

This consists of basic 12-step and some non-12 step sites.  Some encompass recovery in general, some are more specific.  Use these as stepping stones to find the sites that are relevant to you!

Alcoholics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous

Sober Nation

AfterParty Magazine

The Recovery Revolution

The Sobriety Collective

Living Sober

She Recovers

Addiction Blog

Addictions Unplugged

Rebellion Dogs Publishing

Barefoot's World

I have a special place in my heart for blogs.  I have spoken many times about the blogs (namely in Episode 2 of the podcast) and their importance in my recovery, especially in my second and third years.  Here are some great blogs from some great writers and friends. Start with these and dig around them to find even more of them.  There's a whole wonderful, supportive and encouraging community out there.


Transformation is Real - Author Daniel Maurer's landmark blog and site

Liv's Recovery Kitchen - Great interviews, fine food and lots of recovery goodness.

I Love Recovery Cafe - Nichola's platform for groovy posts, poetry, vids and other fine work

Warriors On Purpose - Kip's great words of wisdom.

The Miracle of the Mundane - Top notch posts by the uber talented Mark Goodson

Seanologues - A trip through the awesome recovery mind of Sean Paul Mahoney!

Walking in Sober Boots - Damien shares his marvelous journey in recovery.

Sober-Command - the incomparable Chris Explores, Engages and Evolves!

Abbie In Wondrland - Abbie shares her experience, strength and hope.

Sober Courage - Maggie has wonderful tips and resources to share.

Bye Bye Beer - More than just recovery!

Guitars and Life - Graham in a fantastic 12-step fellow.

The Miracle is Around the Corner - Fantastic 12-step work by Josie.

Mrs. D is Going Without - Very popular by the lovely Lotta.

Soberbia - Fantastic insights and writing by Amy.

Sober Identity - Life Skill Recovery coach Lisa Neumann.

Message In A Bottle - well, just because.

(More to come - be patient!)