Welcome to the Buzzkill Podcast!

The Buzzkill Podcast started as a way to connect and share with others in a more conversational way, free of dogma and judgement, coming at recovery in a more holistic and spiritual way. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious, Buzzkill is about seeking the divine in the ordinary and breathing into the space given to us by the Universal Mind. All modes of recovery are celebrated, whether they be self-directed or guided by a specific program. 

Buzzkill Podcast started in 2015 and has been honoured to have some fantastic and inspiring guests, coming from all walks of life and at different parts in their journeys to wellness and sobriety. Buzzkill continues to grow and is becoming a well-known voice for those who are in recovery and/or seeking a greater version of themselves outside their comfort zones.

Thank you for being a part of this podcast. I value your listening and participating in Buzzkill Podcast!


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